Kalissi is a Viennese womenswear brand founded by Christina Maria Hrdlicka in 2017, based between Vienna and London.

The designer has spent the last 5 years working in advertising, visual identities, fashion photography and graphic design. The eclectic mix of creative roles has enabled her to discover the unique aesthetic for Kalissi.

The designs boast a garish and extrovert style that is bound to stand out and set itself apart from the current high street and luxury fashion lines, using bright colours and contemporary shapes to pay tribute to a retro look without being dated.

Her confidence regarding the choice of fabrics and design comes from a background in textile and graphic design. Having worked with well known clients and agencies in the field, she was able to gain a lot of experience within the industry, focussing on conceptual art direction.

Rather than selling individual items, Kalissi is focused on providing a full dress outfit which prevents the customer from having to search else where for the potential matching items, making hem loyal to the brand. The combination of high quality materials, good fitting and funky design gives Kalissi the signature look that is missing from the market today.

The clothes and accessories are all handmade and handcrafted in the ‘designer’s studio’ in Vienna, Austria. The studio provides her with the time and attention to detail that is necessary for each piece to be as perfect as the last.

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